Sam had heard about a new blog called The Gift Pick and Aisha had met Sam through preschool mom life. They went for coffee and realized they could fulfill a need for entrepreneurial moms to connect in an authentic and supportive environment while expanding their social network and build a community where women can support each other and collaborate. 

About Samantha:  

Samantha is an actress, content creator, producer and writer. She currently works with Nylon Magazine creating content for them. Samantha also creates content for various brands and outlets like Sephora.com and Whalerock. As a writer she contributes to blogs like Bottle+Heels, Your Zen Mama and Motherl.y and recently launched her own blog -  SamSoMuch. She was nominated last year for Best Actress in a Comedy Performance for a show she appeared on, Dogs & Me and also appeared on Almost Perfect Life Hacks on Awestruck Network (where one of her episodes hit over 40 Million views!)


Samantha just attended CES 2018 where she hosted a live show for world renowned company, Alibaba. As for performing, she just appeared on stage in the Expressing Motherhood show performing a piece she also wrote.


Sam loves to “geek out” to tech stuff and curates events in Los Angeles where influencers come together to speak about the digital space. She still auditions and appears in commercials, and print ads, sometimes with her two adorable little guys, Ryder and Asher.


Samantha regularly collaborates with brands like her most recent collab with Kmart on her social and blog. She is a well established influencer in several verticals including Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Parenting and is regularly asked to appear and speak at panels like Simply Fashion Island, The Influential Summit and The SoCal Moms Wellness Event.

About Aisha:  

Aisha has over 10 years experience working in retail and merchandising for companies as Saks Fifth Avenue, Levis, VINCE and Macy’s. Last year she launched her own blog The Gift Pick and left the corporate world to focus on growing her blog and learning more about the digital space. She also wanted to spend more time with her kids, her daughter Camila and son Kai. 

Aisha moved here from New York City and felt there was a void in building communities and offering digital panels where other entrepreneurs could share their successes with aspiring entrepreneurs. She loves to attend these herself, including ALT Summit and Create and Cultivate, however felt there was more of an opportunity to create these digital talks on a smaller scale here  here in LA.

2018 Sam and Aisha Digital Femmes #digitalfemmepreneur